This is Sgt. Margaret Coulter’s story

I feel that NAPS is a type of policing where you can offer more of a personal service. Compared to other methods of policing, with NAPS, I get to know the people in the community that I work in.

I would have to say that I enjoy working with the kids the most. Even though there are problems, the communities are so close knit that in the grocery store you’ll run into kids that you know and they will tell you all about their lives and it provides insight into problems they may or may not be having.

The job definitely involves social work to some degree. In some police services, working with youth, you work with the legal component and then let the kids go. In a Naps community there isn’t any “letting go”. Once the legal component is done you still need to give advice down the road, offer a shoulder to cry on or an ear to listen. Sometimes you have to talk to them like a parent or a councilor.

Working as a NAPS Officer for so many years, I know the history of a child and sometimes have to arrest them as an adult. Or maybe It’s now them with their children. It is tough. I saw them grow up.

I feel like NAPS Officers do make the community better. Proper resources could make it better. Because NAPS officers do so much like programming with kids etc. with more  resources so much more change could happen. Better funding for officers could help retain  them since keeping officers is difficult. Maybe better understanding of the job prior to becoming an officer would help too. Officers think they know what it’s like but find it a lot different once they start. That said I would never change it. I’m proud to be a NAPS officer and I feel I’ve made what changes I can along the way. I like the people I work with and because you are sometimes the only or key officer, you get to do it all. Community and full policing.

“I’m an officer first, but I’m also a teacher, a healer and a friend.”

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