Why become an officer?

Our members are treated as part of a team, and we are passionately committed to the health and well being of our officers.

Competitive Pay

NAPS’ salary is very competitive in comparison with other police services across the country. Our officers’ salary is on parity with the Ontario Provincial Police, this means that our officers receive the same increases that the OPP receive. NAPS also provides remote pay to help with incidentals incurred during travel to and from the detachments and flight costs are subsidized.

Generous Benefits

NAPS has a great extended benefits program, as well as a pension plan with the Ontario Pension Board, a Wellness Unit, a Peer Support Team, numerous advancement and training opportunities and a good Employee Family Assistance Program that includes trauma support for our officers.

Career Development

Our steadily growing Officer compliment affords an officer with 2-5 years of field experience, an array of opportunities for career advancement. Experienced Officers with the appropriate level of readiness and motivation, may wish to pursue a new challenge. NAPS has several Specialty Units in three geographical regions, and several ranks within our command structure that may be achieved through our promotional process.

Training Opportunities

NAPS is a leader in training opportunities for all levels and experiences of officers. Our training unit is well-organized with an equipped facility that NAPS has been proud to have independently managed for over 10 years and is comparable to the level of training with the rest of the province of Ontario. Our new state of the art training facility features multiple training rooms, MILO Range/180 degree simulator, dynamic scenario training areas, use of force and defensive tactics training area and a fitness gym.

Rewarding opportunities in community

Public Safety is at the forefront for all of our employees at NAPS. Similarly, community service is also a priority for the Service. We pride ourselves in getting to know the members we serve and being a part of the community. As most people want to be police officers because they want to help others, there are plenty of opportunities to accomplish this while working at NAPS. You are able to attend local events such as feasts, gatherings, pow wows, Halloween parades, the school etc and by being a role model and connecting with the community members organic and personal interactions.

Life in northern communities


NAPS officers working throughout Northern Ontario have access to natural resources. If you are an outdoors enthusiast, then NAPS is the service for you. When an officer is actively engaged with the community he/she serves, the community responds with respect and inclusiveness to that of a close-knit family. Another gem of working with NAPS are the Northern Lights seen across the night skies.

How to prepare