Proudly serving and protecting our member communities

The Nishnawbe Aski Police Service serves 34 First Nation communities in the Nishnawbe Aski Nation Territory.

Our officers police an area that equals two-thirds of the province of Ontario, from the Manitoba border up the James Bay Coast over to the Quebec border.

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NAPS is looking to hire individuals from the Indigenous area we serve, and/or those who have a demonstrated knowledge of NAPS and First Nation people and culture.

The constables are expected to be academically and physically strong and well prepared for the requirements of the Ontario Police College. Officers fly in and out of their northern postings. We are interested in hiring people who are serious about a policing career with our service and who have truly considered what is required to be a NAPS constable.

Duties of a NAPS Officer

  • preparation of administrative and statistical reports
  • attend or prepare community policing events/presentations
  • preparation of occurrence reporting system reports
  • make entries into occurrence books
  • maintenance of a daily journal
  • conduct criminal and non-criminal investigations and be thoroughly conversant with criminal matters in the Indigenous Community.
  • interrogation of suspects, interviewing witnesses and development of informants
  • enforcement of Criminal Code and other Federal Statutes
  • enforcement of Provincial Statutes (H.T.A.,L.L.A., etc.), where applicable
  • investigating accidents
  • effect arrests under Federal and Provincial Legislation
  • attend Criminal and Traffic Court
  • attend Post-Mortem Examinations
  • attend Coroners inquests
  • communicate with First Nation Council


NAPS offers a schedule compatible with the unique geography of our Police Service. Officers in remote locations work on a rotation of 16 consecutive days followed by 12 days off, while our drive-in communities work 8 consecutive days followed by 6 days off.

*Note, due to Covid -19 restrictions, remote communities have been operating on a 14 day on, 14 day off shift rotation to facilitate air transportation and the needs of our communities*

Flying to work

NAPS reimburses travel to fly-in communities so that each employee will pay $65 per round trip based on a 16 on and 12 off schedule.

This applies to flights from each regional hub which are as follows:

  • North West Region – Sioux Lookout, ON
  • Central Region – Thunder Bay, ON
  • North East Region – Sudbury, ON / Timmins, ON.

All flights and travel to regional hubs are at the cost of the employee. *

* Note, due to on-going Covid 19 requirements, all officers in remote communities are being flown in and out on chartered flights from the hub at no cost to the officers. This will continue to be the practice for the immediate future.


Bi-Weekly Annual Weekly Hourly
5th Class – OPC $2,243.13 $58,321.42 $1,121.57 $28.04
4th Class $2,860.06 $74,361.44 $1,430.03 $35.75
3rd Class $3,268.89 $84,991.10 $1,634.44 $40.86
2nd Class $3,636.65 $94,552.79 $1,818.32 $45.46
1st Class $4,085.86 $106,232.40 $2,042.93 $51.07


Life Insurance
300% of annual earnings to a maximum of $120,000 (employees may choose to top up to $500,000 at their own expense)

Dependent Life
Spouse – $10,000
Child – $5000

Short-term Disability
65% of weekly pay

Long-term Disability
75% of weekly pay to a maximum of $3200 per month

100% – private hospital room, prescription medicine reimbursement $750 annually, chiropractors, physiotherapists, podiatrists, naturopaths, osteopaths, psychologists/social workers, speech therapists, massage therapists, audiologists

Eye exams one every 24 months Glasses and contact lenses – $200 every 24 months

100% – Basic Coverage (to a maximum of $1500/annually)
100% – Accidental Dental Injury Coverage (unlimited)
80% – Major Coverage (to a maximum of $1500/annually)
50% – Orthodontic Coverage (to a maximum of $1500/lifetime)


1-8 years of service 15 days
9-12 years of service 20 days
13-24 years of service 25 days
25 + years of service 30 days


All full-time uniform employees are members of the Ontario Pension Board plan. This is a defined plan and rates are set by the OPB based on annual salary; contributions are taken bi-weekly through pre-authorized payroll deductions. Nishnawbe Aski Police Service matches all contributions.