Cst. Autumn Olsen

From a very young age, I can remember idolizing Police Officers and felt a very strong gravitation towards law enforcement and the idea of being someone dependable that people in difficult situations can count on. I knew that this career is something that takes hard work and dedication, but as a strong mother of two children I believe anything is possible when you put your whole heart and mind into it. Women Police Officers should be considered an asset and I’ve come to learn that we are needed more than some people realize. I knew that if I put in the effort and focused on learning as much as I could, that it would lead me to where I wanted to be in life. I graduated with honors from the Police Foundations program at Confederation College and made some really great references that vouched for me when I was ready to apply to NAPS.

I remember the overwhelming excitement I felt when I heard the news that I was selected to be a Constable with NAPS. I knew that my journey was far from over, but I looked at it as one hurdle down and felt extremely optimistic for the future. While attending the Ontario Police College I developed a healthier lifestyle and took advantage of the opportunity to grow mentally and physically. I received some amazing training from the best and I met some amazing peer Officers who I was happy to call my brothers and sisters.

Since OPC, I have met some amazing peers and coworkers within NAPS. I quickly realized that I was now a part of something bigger, I was a part of a First Nation Police Service that invests a lot of time, resources and training into molding successful & capable Officers for the field and felt honored to represent this service alongside so many other amazing people.

I was coached by a very knowledgeable and confident Officer in Mishkeegogamang and have since been permanently posted in the community. I continue to learn each day and love what I do. I realize that this job is a marathon, but one that makes you a stronger person. Opportunities within NAPS are endless and I look forward to seeing which path I take within the service. This is a career choice with so many different avenues and one that can be very rewarding at the end of day.